a youth employment program which teaches life skills, urban sustainability, food justice and professional development through the practice of urban agriculture.


YouthCorps is a program for immigrant and refugee youth to cultivate employment and professional skills while  they have paid employment on the community farm.

Program participants - -

  • Have paid contracted jobs during the summer
  • Build soft farming skills & learn day-to-day non-profit operations
  • Engage with members of the community through growing, selling, eating, and cooking together
  • Learn critical skills in team building, professionalism, community engagement, and social entrepreneurship

This work is done in partnership with the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation.

While working on the community farm, YouthCorps Members have the opportunity to learn about the challenges of creating sustainable, healthy, and vibrant communities within our city. In addition to gaining valuable employment skills, YouthCorps Members are able to access a wide variety of additional support services through  the GR Center for Community Transformation, an organization engaged in community transformation through the creation of meaningful work, relationships and education for young people.