Tomato trellising:

This tomato trellising resource is especially for at-home and small-scale gardeners. Seattle Urban Farm Co. has a nice video on the Basket Weave method for trellising. It is best to begin trellising tomatoes early and often. String your first line when your tomatoes are 6-12 inches tall and string consecutive lines every 6-12 inches above the last layer. To access this resource visit: Seattle Urban Farm Co.


About Pests:

This website provides fantastic visuals and written instructions on identifying and managing garden pests. It covers pest Friend or Foe, What is Eating my Plants, Plants that Naturally Repel Pests, and Safe Remedies for pest control. To access this resource visit: Fix: Getting Rid of Garden Pests.


about Nutrient issues:

This plant nutrient deficiencies resource is a quick visual guide to help you determine why your plant is yellowing, shriveled, or spotted. To access this resource visit: Simple Plant Deficiency Guide.