The Mobile Classroom makes it possible for Urban Roots to collaborate & cultivate educational partnerships throughout grand rapids

Meet Moby - the Mobile Classroom

2018 Mobile Classroom partnerships

When people want to have community or educational gardens they usually have three very important assets when it comes to growing food on site: interest, people, & land (even if very small).

At Urban Roots we recognize those assets as a solid foundation for cultivating something more together & can support each individual community with training, planning materials, garden design, material resources, work days with Urban Roots staff, on-site consult hours, and more.

Every garden and community of people is different, so we don't have a one size fits all package. Instead, we like to co-create partnerships that make sense and are mutually beneficial. The Mobile Classroom program can support a variety of urban food growing projects with any age participants. Reach out to us to see if partnering with the Mobile Classroom is a good fit for your community. Let's grow, eat, and learn together!

2017 Mobile Classroom partners

  • Grand Rapids Public Museum
  • GRPM School
  • Eastown Community Association
  • Congress Elementary School
  • DA Blodgett / St. John's Home
  • CA Frost with Westview CRC
  • Fuller CRC
  • GR Montessori School
  • Covenant House Academy
  • All Saints Academy
  • Other Way Ministries
  • Trinity CRC
  • Cook Arts Center
  • Gordon Food Service
  • Southwest Community Campus Elementary
  • Covenant Community Church


Mobile Classroom staff are professional food growers and placemakers. It is their job to grow with you, not for you, providing support and education. If you have an idea about working with the Mobile Classroom in any capacity, please reach out to us and get the conversation started!

Grow. Eat. Learn