a community of change makers and place makers who care about bringing about more beauty and justice to this world


Kombit is a Haitian word used to describe an intentional practice of individuals coming together to share work and accomplish more than they can accomplish alone.

Urban Roots Kombit Community is a group of people working together to support the work Urban Roots does with monthly giving.  As a member of this community, you make a difference in the lives of many people, create change, create jobs, and let your money speak. When people come together, we have a powerful collective wealth.

Join us in creating something more than we can create alone. 

Here's how your contribution is put to work

Joining Kombit directly impacts the capacity and quality of programming at Urban Roots. Your tax-deductible monthly donation will provide Urban Roots with a critical, steady source of funding to support our mission.  


Roots -$5 / month

Every contribution counts! Just $5 - or one craft beer - each month can support our needs for ordering seeds or providing a meal for a Farm Field Trip. 

Sprout - $10 / month

$10 - or two coffee runs - can help us replace and repair tools or buy us a couple of hours at Spoke Folks to work on our Your Compost bike & trailer!

Seedling - $40 / month

$40 - You'd be surprised what our extremely resourceful staff can accomplish with $40; stop in and see what we're up to sometime!