Bring your SCHOOL OR NONPROFIT group to urban roots



  • Note: all visits have a $100 base fee

  • Students Pre - 12th      $3.50/person

  • College/University         $6/person

  • Adult Groups      $9/person

  • Groups from 49507     $Free for 1st visit

  • Please reach out to us if you are a non-profit or service organization who may need financial support to participate in this program. We have very limited assistance available with priority given to groups visiting from the 49507 zip code.


Reach out to if you are interested! Please include the following information:

  • Name of organization and organization address

  • How you heard of Urban Roots

  • What dates you are interested in

  • What age your participants are and how many people you expect

  • If you are able to pay the fee

Practicing what we preach


Giving back implies a surplus to begin with, no matter how small.

Urban Roots charges a small fee per person for group service learning opportunities. It's normal for this to seem strange to people wanting to bring a group to volunteer because it seems counter intuitive. People think, " Wait a minute - I'm donating my time and energy - why should I pay for that?"...  

Please read on:

Author and thinker Bob Lupton says it best in his work, "Toxic Charity"... 

“Think of the transformation that would occur if mission trips were converted from make-work to development work; if soup kitchen servanthood were redirected to afford homeless men the dignity of securing their own food; if Saturday service projects shifted from pity to partnership; if government giveaways became accountable investments….When we do for those in need what they have the capacity to do for themselves, we disempower them.”

We applaud the hearts of our volunteers and appreciate all of the time and energy they contribute to our programs. We also put a high value on staying focused on our mission of cultivating sustainable food and education assets for the Madison neighborhood and our broader community. We design our programs not just for volunteerism or education's sake alone, but to connect that work to learning to serve our neighborhood and the mission of Urban Roots. The fees we collect directly support this work through our programs!