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Many of you aspiring and practicing gardeners share the same questions and similar challenges depending on the time of year and factors such as soil types, weather conditions, etc. We are hopeful that this is a place where we can provide you with some extra help in the form of resources that we've found to be truly useful.

We’ve scoured the Web to provide the following tips for your frequently asked questions and are divvying them up into 4 categories: Planning, Planting, Caring, and Harvesting.

Grow something wonderful!

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From where to find seeds and garden soil to a spacing and yield guide, discover the tools you need to plan your garden here.



A region-specific planting calendar, MSU Extension's tips for fall planting, and a guide for planting garlic can all be found here.



A visual guide to identifying and managing garden pests, a nutrient deficiency guide, and tomato trellising tips can be found here.


A general guide on how and when to harvest and a lettuce-specific harvesting guide as well as information on how store produce is covered here.