Bring your SCHOOL OR NONPROFIT group to urban roots



  • Students Pre - 12th $100 for 30 students or less +  $3.50 per each person over 30

  • College/University $100 for 20 students or less +  $6 per each person over 20

  • Adult Groups $100 for 12 visitors or less + $9 per each person over 12

  • Groups from 49507 Free for 1st visit!

  • Please reach out to us if you are a non-profit, school, or service organization who may need financial support to participate in this program. We have assistance available with priority given to groups that work with children and young adults below the age of 18.


Reach out to if you are interested! Please include the following information:

  • Name of organization and organization address

  • How you heard of Urban Roots

  • What dates you are interested in

  • What age your participants are and how many people you expect

  • If you are able to pay the fee