The Mobile Classroom makes it possible for Urban Roots to collaborate & cultivate educational partnerships throughout grand rapids.

We meet you where you're growing!

Whether an area school, business, faith institution, nonprofit, or other organization - we are here to support you with high-quality programming and experiential learning that fits your group's exact needs. Our Mobile Classroom program is extremely flexible and can be utilized to achieve a variety of learning objectives in the realm of food growing and community cultivation. We work with people in a lot of different ways, read on to learn more!

Meet Moby - the Mobile Classroom

Full Season Garden Support.

When people want to have community or educational gardens at schools, churches, businesses, or any place really - they almost always have three very important assets when it comes to growing food on site: interest, people, & land (even if very small).

At Urban Roots we recognize those assets as a solid foundation for cultivating something more together & can fill in the gaps bringing professional planning, the right tools for the job, years of experience, community mobilization tools / methods, and experiential, hands-on, educational programming to your growing site.


We will work together to co-create a plan for service that makes sense for your site, your goals, your budget, and your garden participants every step of the way from planning the garden to getting it ready for winter. Once service begins, Moby (our Plant Mobile) will pull up and dig in right alongside you and your crew!

grow, eat, & learn - 2017 Mobile Classroom garden partnerships

  • Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM)
  • GRPM School
  • Eastown Community Association
  • Congress Elementary School
  • DA Blodgett / St. John's Home
  • CA Frost with Westview CRC
  • Fuller CRC
  • Montessori
  • Covenant House Academy
  • All Saints Academy
  • Other Way Ministries
  • Trinity CRC
  • Cook Arts Center
  • Gordon Food Service
  • Southwest Community Campus Elementary
  • Covenant Community Church

Collaborations, cool stuff, & experiences.

We do all sorts of cool things with cool people and organizations. From providing composting services for an event to collaborating on Art Prize installations to a one time private workshop due to a "theme week" at a local business. If you have an idea that involves growing food, composting food, or cultivating community - reach out to us! We believe that we can accomplish far more together than we can alone and we invite you to join us.


single class offerings

The Mobile Classroom can be booked for these specific classes or any class you want to co-create with us! Each class is 90 minutes and can be taught at the location of your choice or at the Community Farm and Education Center. 

  • Bio Intensive Methods
  • Permaculture
  • Earth Stewardship
  • Water Catchment Systems
  • Composting Systems
  • Season Extension
  • Natural Pest Management
  • GREENS, Smoothies, & Juicing
  • Make & Take Cooking
  • Seed Starting and Transplant Production

Click here for a detailed explanation of each class.

Mobile Classroom staff are professional food growers, placemakers, and holistic health and nutrition advocates. It is their job to grow with you, not for you, providing support and education. If you have an idea about working with the Mobile Classroom in any capacity, please fill out the form below to get the conversation started!