"KOMBIT"  (comb-beet) is a Haitian word used to define a community working together towards a common goal. It's an intentional practice of individuals coming together to accomplish more than they can accomplish alone


Kombit is a monthly donation community in support of the work Urban Roots does in partnership with our Madison neighbors and community partners. As a member of the Urban Roots Kombit community, you become part of a group of changemakers and placemakers who care about bringing about more beauty and justice to this world. And you get the joy of knowing you are making a difference in the lives of many people, creating change, creating jobs, and letting your money speak. When people come together, we have a powerful collective wealth! Not just financial - but all kinds of skill, talent, and social capital based wealth!

Join us in creating something more than we can create alone. 

Here's how your contribution is put to work

Joining Kombit directly impacts the capacity and quality of programming at Urban Roots. Your tax-deductible monthly donation will provide Urban Roots with a critical, steady source of funding to support our mission.  



  • Roots -$5 / month - Every little bit helps! Your monthly contribution will help to buy tools, order seeds, and help us grow in Madison and throughout Grand Rapids! 

  • Sprout - $10 / month - Will help to distribute 100 lbs of organically grown, low cost, hyper-local food in the Madison neighborhood each year

  • Seedling - $40 / month - Will create scholarships for 2 classes of Madison neighborhood students and their teachers to come to Urban Roots for a FREE service-learning day trip to the community farm

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  • Join a circle of innovators working to reinvent Grand Rapids' food system
  • Get a really cool, locally printed tote bag
  • Get first dibs on exclusive educational workshops on permaculture, food justice, and more
  • Meet new people at networking events
  • Get a tax write off
  • Get our quarterly newsletter - filled with insider info, recipes, farm feature stories, educational things, funny jokes and whatever awesome content we come up with!

To become a member of Kombit, click here.