2018 Internships

Urban Roots offers internships for people interested in a variety of fields of study. Whether you are into environmental studies, justice studies, agroecology, non-profit administration, design, or organic farming, we aim to create a mutually beneficial internship experience.

We are always accepting resumes and cover letters from smart, driven, community-oriented potential interns. Please apply anytime if you have an idea for an internship!

Something new this year!

We are sharing an intern with with one of our Mobile Classroom 2018 community partners - SECOM. This intern will spend 3-5 hours a week at Urban Roots learning with our Food and Farm Steward and 10-12 hours a week working at SECOM in their on site garden with their community. Please check out the internship posting by clicking here.

We are also in need of a shared intern for CA Frost. There is not a formal job posting, but it is similar to the SECOM posting above. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to jenny@urbanrootsgr.org

the 2018 application period for interns has ended and we are no longer accepting applications. 

To see what internship positions we filled this year, click on the orange links below. 

2 positions Mobile Classroom Interns

2 positions Farm Operations Interns

1 position Administrative / Office Managment Intern

1 position Culinary Intern

1 position Community Outreach and Neighborhood Relations Intern

1 position YOUR Compost Program Intern

We are no longer accepting 2018 internship applications!