urban roots is a place where people of all ages can experience the transformative power that growing food brings to our lives, health & community. 

bring your group to urban roots. 



More than ever before, people acknowledge the major role that food plays in our personal health and environment. They care about how their food is grown and want access to local, healthy, fresh options. Also more than ever, farming is not just something happening "out in the country."


Big or small, we can accommodate most groups. We love creating meaningful, service-based learning experiences on our community farm. Any ages, any group, we will cultivate something just for you. Reach out to us for group volunteer opportunities all year round!



Every Group Service Learning visit includes a farm fresh meal for your group to enjoy! All our meals are sourced mainly from the Community Farm and are delicious, gluten free and vegan. Occasionally there will be local cheese as an optional topping!



Being on the community farm is often a new and exciting experience for people who have never had their hands in the soil. A group visit to Urban Roots will be filled with fun and learning in an upbeat atmosphere where laughter and lots of questions are welcome!


Practicing what we preach

Giving back implies a surplus to begin with, no matter how small.

Urban Roots charges a small fee per person for group service learning opportunities. It's normal for this to seem strange to people wanting to bring a group to volunteer because it seems counter intuitive. People think, " Wait a minute - I'm donating my time and energy - why should I pay for that?"...  

Please read on :)

Author and thinker Bob Lupton says it best in his work, "Toxic Charity"... 

“Think of the transformation that would occur if mission trips were converted from make-work to development work; if soup kitchen servanthood were redirected to afford homeless men the dignity of securing their own food; if Saturday service projects shifted from pity to partnership; if government giveaways became accountable investments….When we do for those in need what they have the capacity to do for themselves, we disempower them.”

We applaud the hearts of our volunteers and appreciate all of the time and energy they contribute to our programs. We also put a high value on staying focused on our mission of cultivating sustainable food and education assets for the Madison neighborhood and our broader community. We design our programs not just for volunteerism or education's sake alone, but to connect that work to learning to serve our neighborhood and the mission of Urban Roots. The fees we collect directly support this work through our programs!

Help support the mission of Urban Roots while giving your participants an exciting, hands-on and delicious learning experience about growing food in the city.


every group service learning visit includes...

  • A Farm-Fresh Meal for your group to enjoy! 
  • A 1-3 hour visit to a thriving Urban Community Farm
  • Lots of fun, discussion, Q & A, access to information
  • A customized, hands-on group service learning project
  • A farm tour & introduction to bio-intensive growing methods

Pricing (for up to 30 people per group)

  • 2018 booking details and pricing coming soon!

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in getting more information about a group visit! It doesn't commit you to anything, just gets all the info in one place.